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Air conditioning is the most obvious solution for battling indoor heat problems. This solution has not only changed our working life but has increased productivity in the hottest hours of the day by allowing us to carry out various daily activities and assists in a better night’s sleep.

For most people who experience discomfort when trying to sleep in warm conditions, sleeping without air conditioning is uncomfortable and near impossible. This discomfort often includes dehydration, shortness of breath, excessive sweating, and hence tension and irritability. Still, not everyone knows all the benefits having an air conditioner in your home can provide when it comes to sleeping.

In the following article, we will be talking about how sleeping with air conditioning can really help you and your loved ones.
Here are the fundamental rules when using air conditioning to be beneficial for your sleep cycle and your health:

  • Temperature Control. This is one of the basic yet most important rules for the proper use of your air conditioning unit. It is important to remember that your body temperature drops while you sleep so setting it to the correct temperature is essential. Dan Fox, one of our Managing Directors at Woodhouse Environmental recommends setting your air conditioning unit to ‘21 degrees, cooling mode’ in the hot summer months for optimal sleeping temperature control, however, he states it is always advised to adjust this to your own personal requirements.
  • Proper maintenance. Otherwise, it can be harmful to your health as a dirty filter will proliferate dirty air. Cleaning your filters regularly promotes quality air, is free of germs and bacteria and will ensure that your system is working properly and running as efficiently as possible
  • Sustainability. Work smart, we advise keeping in mind that incorrect use of your air conditioning unit will cause your energy bills to increase. To reduce consumption, keep all doors and windows closed when your system is operating but have your interior doors open to distribute your cool air evenly throughout your home.
  • Positioning of AC Unit. The jet of cool air should not be directed directly at you. Instead, direct it outwards and towards another part of the room. The most innovative air conditioning technologies distribute the air stream evenly.

Keeping babies and children cool in UK heatwaves

After a grey, miserable winter most of us adults rejoice in the summer months, while we love to make the most of the BBQs, pub gardens and generally being outside, the increase in temperature can be a real worry for parents concerned about their children’s health.

Babies and young infants are particularly vulnerable to over-heating as they are less able to regulate their own body temperature the same way adults do so are more susceptible to changes in environmental temperature. This can lead to heat rash, irritability, heat exhaustion and in some cases heat stroke.

Most professionals agree that babies and young infants sleep safer in a climate-controlled environment and with air conditioners being quieter than ever parents don’t have to worry about the system being too noisy and disturbing their sleep.

In conclusion, it has been scientifically proven that a person sleeps better in cooler conditions. Using an AC unit during hot summer nights prevents having a restless sleep pattern. This, in turn, allows better function and productivity in day to day life.