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In this article, we dive into what you can expect when getting a new or replacement air conditioning unit fitted in your home. Here we have set out a few basics to help you understand the process so that you are fully prepared when one of our expert Woodhouse Environmental engineers turns up on your doorstep.
But what exactly is that process? What should you expect? How long will it take?


This process usually begins with one of our design experts visiting your property. Here is when we discuss the types of systems available and how we can meet your personal needs. We discuss how many air conditioning units you require and in which rooms you would like them. After this, we take measurements and a detailed survey of the property and of service routes. Once completed a written proposal is sent to you to review via email.


On arrival, the first thing to take place is a quick check of the space our engineers are occupying. We’ll review the job details with you, check that the equipment we have is correct, and start prepping the job site. Once evaluated, we recommend furniture such as beds or sofas are moved and all surfaces are covered up with dust sheets; this keeps dust at bay as inevitably there will be some as the team moves around and disturbs things.

We always appreciate it if installation sites are clear and create an open path before arrival.


In our industry, no two jobs are the same, each customer, each project and each location is unique, so it is not always possible to give a definitive timescale. One thing that often surprises customers about an air conditioning install is that it’s an all-day process, or in some cases a multiple-day project depending on the size of the premises and whether you require one or more units. However, from your initial consultation with us, we can give you an estimated time frame to help you plan your day. This also allows us to pencil in any time for unforeseen complications or problems that may occur.

We offer a range of different types of air conditioning units – from wall mount, floor mount and ducted systems. As previously discussed in your site visit, we will confirm the desired location of your indoor unit.
We will then start working on the internal and external services, these include all pipework, lagging and cable and drainage. Some units however require a condensate pump, this gets installed within plastic trunking and is visible. It’s important to remember that condensate pumps do occasionally make a slight noise but nothing that will cause interruption or annoyance to your day-to-day life.
When our engineers are carrying out these services, they are usually situated through the property’s loft void, although in some circumstances these run through plastic trunking to an external wall.

As well as fitting an indoor floor or wall unit each system requires an outdoor system. We will discuss and recommend a suitable location. Your external unit will then be mounted to the floor or external wall of your home.


After both parts of the system have been installed it’s time to test!
All systems then get pressure tested to make sure there are no leaks. Once this has been passed, your new system is vacuumed to remove further air or moisture, finally, the system is then charged with refrigerant and our engineers monitor the newly fitted system in the heating and cooling settings for roughly 60 minutes.

Once testing is completed, we will sit down and go over the system with you so that you’re comfortable with its features and functionalities. We like to take the time to explain how to operate your brand-new AC system including how to set and manage the controller and we will also educate you on how to operate your system at optimum efficiency and what the maintenance requirements are.

Our dedicated team are always available to answer any further questions you may have as you get to know the new addition to your home.