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High temperatures and humidity in the upcoming summer months mean it’s time to think about your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning maintenance which is essential to keeping your cooling system operating effectively. Performing maintenance tasks helps your air conditioning units run more efficiently for lower energy bills and reduces the risk of repairs. Ensuring your system is in excellent condition means you can look forward to walking into a cool home this summer.


Test Your System

Simply turning on your AC system to ensure it is cooling correctly, this should be able to lower and maintain the temperature of your home without any hassle. If issues arise, call one of our professionals.

Clean Air Filters

With everyday use, your air filters gather dust, pet dander, and other kinds of debris from around your home. These filters eventually get blocked, which makes it harder for your HVAC system to efficiently cool your home. Remember to book annual maintenance appointments so our engineers can make sure your units are running as smoothly as possible.

Schedule Maintenance

You might not realize how much better your system could be running with regular upkeep. Routine maintenance is important for keeping your air conditioner in excellent condition. Having these routine maintenance visits performed once or twice a year can go a long way toward helping you save on the cost of cooling your home.

Clean Around Your Outdoor Unit

Weeds and other vegetation can block airflow from your HVAC’s outdoor unit. This causes your system to work much harder than it needs to year-round.

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