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Are you environmentally conscious? You’re not alone!

We at Woodhouse Environmental Services promote and encourage environmental protection, with all of us becoming more aware of our impact on the world around us and making more environmentally friendly choices.

The good news is that modern air conditioners have plenty of eco-friendly options, that will not only help protect the environment but also save you a few pounds on your energy bills in the process.  Environmental engineers have evaluated the HVAC industry’s sustainability challenges and developed greener heating and cooling systems that decrease our carbon footprint.

In this article, we discuss some key points on how modern air conditioning systems are becoming rapidly more environmentally friendly. We’re not just talking about the most groundbreaking, innovative systems, but also the run of the mill air conditioners installed in offices and homes around the UK.

So what to consider…

The correct unit size:

  • It’s important that you have the appropriate size air conditioning unit for the size of your domestic or office space. If it’s too small, it won’t keep your home cool, and it will waste electricity trying to do so by running non-stop.  It also won’t be able to balance the cooled air in the unit’s condenser with the humid, expended air that the evaporator draws in.

Programmable thermostats:

  • It is essential that your air conditioner has a thermostat that’s fully programmable. This will prevent wasted energy as you can set the programme to turn the unit off when not in use. Programmable thermostats are particularly useful if you have a regular schedule each week. 

Regular maintenance:

  • As stated in some of our other articles, you should always have your air conditioning unit inspected and serviced by our qualified air conditioning engineer annually, ideally before summer and winter begins. Our engineer will test the refrigerant pressure and check the airflow for leaks. They also make recommendations as to how you can increase your unit’s energy efficiency.

Replacing old or outdated air conditioning units:

  • If you already have air conditioning units, check to see their age. Older air conditioning units cannot hope to meet the higher environmental and energy efficiency standards of today. With older units, you could be paying substantially more on energy bills than you need to. Your best bet would be to replace any ageing units with more modern, eco-friendly models. You’ll enjoy both higher performance and reduced energy bills.

Want to know more about how environmentally friendly air conditioners can save you money? 

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