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With the summer heat waves making an appearance, it’s important to consider the effects this may be having within your workplace. Even without the high temperatures, we have witnessed this year, our summers are typically muggy affairs, spiralling between beautiful sunshine and summer showers.

Productivity in the workplace is a significant talking point for business executives, a comfortable working environment fosters increased productivity. Maintaining a consistent temperature and humidity level in your workspace increases alertness, critical thinking, and efficiency. If the environment is too hot, employees are more likely to feel sleepy and their concentration level drops dramatically.

Check out some of the ways an air-conditioned office can keep your team productive and improve your working environment:


Maintaining a constant temperature allows people to focus on their work and be productive without trying to find a cooler spot in the office during the sweltering summer days.
A space that is cool enough to work in is one that staff want to be in. By offering somewhere where they can escape from the heat, they will not only be happy to be there, but they will also be able to focus on the task at hand.

Providing a well-ventilated, cool, air-conditioned space for your employees acts as a morale booster, not to mention it shows that employers care about their staff’s comfort and wellbeing.

Although the GOV guidance website specifies there is no law for workplace temperatures, employers have a duty of care, and not providing a suitable environment for people to work in breaches that requirement. That duty of care must also be taken into consideration for those who may be on certain medication or those who are pregnant.


Even with all the windows open, on a hot summer’s day, you won’t get much ventilation if there’s no breeze and no air passing through the office. Air conditioning units keep your work space well ventilated. Having an open space that offers exceptional IAQ (indoor air quality) will have your team more alert and productive rather than one that feels sluggish and is struggling to focus.


In an overly warm stuffy office space, people feel sluggish and drained. Brain activity is slowed as the body works to cool itself down and productivity, in this environment, can grind to a halt. Having a relatively comfortable workplace temperature allows employees to experience a level of consistency and familiarity as they proceed with their working day.

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