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The growing demand for renewable forms of energy is continuously on the rise to lessen the effects of global warming our environment faces due to increased pollution. Globally we are surrounded by a plethora of renewable energies especially solar energy and air source and ground source heat pumps – which all have the potential to be used year-round. By investing in replenishing energy from nature we emit little to no greenhouse gases or pollutants into the air lowering our carbon footprint.

The solar power sector however gets a fair amount of misrepresentation considering it’s one of the fastest growing renewable sources of electricity in the UK.

In this article, we take a look at 6 common myths about solar energy and the solar power facts you need if you’re thinking about installing solar panels.

MYTH 1. Solar panels do not work in cold or cloudy weather – FALSE!

Solar panels work in multiple weather conditions, including sunny, cold, and even coldly environments. The technology behind solar energy allows them to work effectively and efficiently. In the UK we are prone to unpredictable weather conditions however this does not inhibit the efficiency of solar panels. They are a viable source of electricity producing enough power to generate your home on a cold winter day to a comparable level of current you would from a hot summer day.

MYTH 2. Excess energy can be stored in battery systems – TRUE!

Solar panel batteries, also known as solar battery storage systems, work by storing the excess energy produced by solar panels during the day. The battery system will distribute stored energy when it detects a demand in the house greater than the PV system can provide, for example during the night, when your home demands electricity your solar battery discharges to power your appliances and devices. The internal battery management system will automatically divert the excess energy to your battery, rather than allow it to generate back onto the grid.

This is great news for solar panel owners as you are reaping the benefits of solar PV long after the sun has set.

MYTH 3. Solar panels are bad for the environment after their lifetime is used up – FALSE!

Solar panels are built to reach a maximum lifetime use of 25 years, after which they can be recycled. Additionally, some manufacturers will even recycle them for you free of charge.

MYTH 4. You will have difficulty selling your property if you have solar panels – FALSE!

Having solar panels actually enhances the property value of your home. Many studies have found that homes with solar panels have an increased selling period over those without. With the general population thriving to make more sustainable living choices, solar-powered energy can be a big hit for potential buyers.

MYTH 5. Solar panels require planning permission – FALSE!

Unless you live in any listed or protected building you do not require planning permission for the installation of solar energy on your property. However, there are certain regulations to ensure the panels are fitted correctly, safe and in line with the surrounding aesthetics.

MYTH 6. Solar panels suffer in bad weather and can be damaged easily – FALSE!

Solar Panels are made from slabs of steel, silicon, and toughened safety glass, with no moving parts, so the weather is going to have to get very rough to damage them. Solar panels go through robust testing before they are allowed out of the factory.

Due to increased production, government subsidies, and mounting environmental concerns, the direct costs of solar energy for consumers have decreased. With solar PV installations ranging anywhere from £5,000-£10,000 it is quickly becoming one of the most cost-effective ways to power your home. With the demand for renewable energy on the rise, it’s time to consider solar as a viable option.

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