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In this journal, we take a look at how we can explore new ways to approach mental health and masculinity. At Woodhouse Environmental we believe that our employee’s mental health must be a top priority! That being said, June’s blog is dedicated to supporting Men’s Mental Health Month.

Conversations about mental health are constantly stigmatised, and there can be a lot of shame or judgement around struggling with mental illnesses, especially in workplace environments that are heavily male-dominated, as toxic masculinity can make it difficult or even impossible for men to come forward about their mental health problems. However, it is becoming increasingly recognised as an important issue that needs to be addressed.

Mental health is something we all possess. When it’s good, we are able to thrive. We have a sense of purpose and feel we can cope with whatever life, and work throws at us. But just as our physical health fluctuates, so does our mental health. Everyone has times when they experience low mood, are stressed or frightened. Usually, those feelings pass over time, however they can also develop into anxiety or depression. All of these can affect our ability to perform and engage in our work at a high level.

It’s so important to remember that mental health, along with physical health and social well-being, is an essential component of overall health. We believe mental health and human performance are not two separate pursuits but rather two parts of the same equation. Combined, they are what make humans flourish.

Promoting mental health in the workplace is beneficial not only for our employees but also for our organisation. Employees with good mental health are likely to be more productive, engaged, and loyal to the organisation.

Although mental health issues can be challenging to overcome, we believe it is important that our employees feel they can turn to us if they are experiencing difficulties in their mental health. By providing them with the right support, they will be able to improve their communication skills as well as cope with their mental health.

By seeking professional advice and support from higher management we believe it plays a key role in supporting our employees who are struggling with their mental health. This can create a more productive and inclusive workplace and can ultimately benefit the business as a whole.

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