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Woodhouse Environmental Services specialise in the full design, installation, and maintenance for all your heating and cooling needs. We work very closely with a wide range of manufacturers to ensure our customers have the latest technology in energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions to suit your climate control requirements all year round.

We provide the expertise and hands-on experience to ensure you with the highest-quality air conditioning installation for all locations, including offices, retail, hotels & leisure, health care, IT server rooms as well as all domestic and residential properties.

From your very first interaction with us, our team will work with you to consider all aspects of design, this is to promote discrete installation that still meets your aesthetic vision. Our expert engineers have years of experience and continued ongoing training to ensure up-to-date industry knowledge.

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Benefits Of Air Conditioning


Cost efficient


Heating and cooling to your desired room 24/7


A variety of compact systems to match your surroundings


All units attain todays Air Quality Standards


All units attain todays Air Quality Standards


Easy to use


Quiet mode settings


Wi-Fi compatible


Allergy relief options available


Heat recovery system

Let Us Help You Find Your Ideal Air Conditioning System

Wall Mounted Unit

Wall mounted systems can be installed in any application. Modern systems are a stylish and super efficient solution to cool or heat any room.

Cassette Unit

Cassette systems can be installed in your ceiling void, allowing a flat modern finish to distribute the air in all directions equally.

Floor Mounted Unit

Floor-mounted units are ideal if you are after a discreet radiator-style look.

Under Ceiling Units

Under-ceiling units are for applications seeking even air distribution with little ceiling void to work with.

Ducted Units

Ducted systems are great for achieving a minimal view of the air conditioning or have a large void space. Ducted systems feed supply and return grills within the space required.

Outdoor Units

Outdoor units are modern, compact and quiet – supported by anti-vibration pads to keep it grounded without disruption.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Investing in a planned maintenance consultation is always recommended. At Woodhouse Environmental our maintenance appointments are available to suit your specific requirements and can prevent further service costs and breakdowns which may occur.

Dust, dirt and bacteria build-up put a strain on your unit, resulting in your system needing to work harder. An overworked air conditioning system won’t perform as well, which inevitably will increase energy bills and your air conditioning unit becomes less effective.

How Often Should My Air Conditioning Unit Be Serviced?

Even without visible flaws, it is recommended that you get your air conditioning unit serviced at least once a year, however for units in harsher environments such as commercial we recommend a minimum of two services per annum.


Save money


Keep your system running at maximum efficiency


All brands can be serviced


Maintain an eco-friendly system

Protect your air conditioning units to keep air quality high and heating bills low for years to come.

Woodhouse Maintenance Blog

Why not check out our Woodhouse maintenance blog post for a few at-home tips to keep your air conditioning units running smoothly between seasons.

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