Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP)

Air source heating systems have become increasingly popular as they offer far more benefits than a traditional boiler. They are the most cost-effective renewable energy source available to heat/cool air throughout your home, as well as producing hot water all year round.

Air source heat pumps are ideal for:
Homeowners looking for a sophisticated cost-effective heating solution that will save them money on their energy bills for years to come. An air-source heat pump will replace your traditional heating system, suitable for both new builds and retrofitting jobs.

How ASHP work

Air source heat systems work by taking energy out of the air and pulling it through a fan and compressor to heat it up, so that they can produce air at your desired temperature throughout your home.

This thermodynamic enhances low-grade heat from the exterior air and increases its potential capacity by an average of 500%, making it the second most efficient system – second only to a ground source system.

The Many Benefits of Air Source Heating Systems

  • The most cost efficient heating/cooling system available, expect 30%-40% reduction in annual energy bills

  • Performs in all weather conditions

  • Heat or cool your home to your desired temperature 24/7

  • The most eco-friendly of all systems

  • All units meet today’s air quality standards (BCO-CAT-A)

  • Provides sustainable heating for your water & air

  • Easy to use

  • Quiet mode settings

  • Wi-fi compatible

  • Allergy-relief options available

  • Heat recovery system