Become a Maintenance Partner

Protect your air conditioning units to keep air quality high and heating bills low for years to come

A modern air conditioning system installed by professionals will save you money on your heating/cooling bill each month, but it needs to be maintained to avoid a drop in performance.

Dust, dirt and bacteria buildup will put more strain on your unit, meaning your system will need to work harder. An overworked air conditioning system won’t perform as well and it will cause your heating/cooling bill to increase.

How often should my air conditioning unit be serviced?
1 service per annum is enough for the majority of residential cooling systems, whereas 2 services per annum are recommended for both heating and cooling systems. We strongly recommend a minimum of 2 services per annum for commercial environments such as shops, offices and restaurants.


The Benefits of Becoming A Woodhouse Maintenance Partner

  • Save Money

  • Keep your system running at maximum efficiency

  • All brands can be serviced

  • Maintain an eco-friendly system

Enjoy Cool Air for the Long Term

Protect your system from these common problems
that can creep up over time to reduce performance.

Leaking Water

This can happen due to a system not being maintained for many years or when a condensation pump has failed. This is a simple repair that we can usually fix within an hour.

Weak Air Flow

A dust buildup is the most common cause for hindering the performance of your air conditioning system. A loss of performance makes your system work harder, which results in a higher heating bill.


Leaks can happen due to a dirty system in need of a deep clean. A dust or dirt buildup can trap the chilled air which can quickly turn into ice.

Stale Odours

Unpleasant odours can occur when bacteria builds up in the coils. We use a set of specific chemicals to safely remove the unwanted smells while making your system more efficient.

Increased Energy Bills

An increased energy bill out of the blue may be an indicator that your air conditioning unit is working harder than it needs to.

Poor Airflow

Dust/dirt buildup can affect the fan speed, resulting in a weaker airflow. This is another problem that we can fix within a day.