NHS Meads Business Centre

The Meads Business Centre is based in a prime location among Farnborough’s Meads district. This was a challenging project as we were required to install a low-maintenance yet aesthetically pleasing system that can be easily operated by future tenants.

The Challenge

This was far from a ‘regular’ installation as the building’s unique aesthetic proved to be a unique challenge. The architect working on the tenant’s behalf, sustainability consultancy Hurley Palmer Flatt, requested to have the air conditioning units to be featured prominently. The building had a flat concrete ceiling, above large vaulted areas in between which proved to be challenging to fit the new system in a stylish, clean-looking manner.

The aesthetic element is always important but this was a special case due to the building’s unique architecture. We had to install the units, ductwork, cable tray pipe runs and drain services with precision to achieve the architect’s desired result.

Noise levels were another concern for the building’s owner. This was a task that required meticulous planning to achieve a strong-looking, low-noise solution that needed to be quick and easy to install – while saving owners money on their monthly heating/cooling bill.

What We Did

We teamed up with Environmental Site Supplies (ESS), a popular distributor, and decided to choose a Panasonic system: it offered us a flexible design to fit our needs while producing the excellent energy efficiency rating Panasonic systems are renowned for.

We installed two Panasonic 3-Pipe ECOi MF2 VRF systems. This is a top-quality product that can heat and cool simultaneously: it’s efficient, quiet and extremely reliable. Inside the office, to meet the architect’s design. We fitted multiple concealed ducted units using Panasonic’s S-36MF2E5, and a wall-mounted unit, Panasonic the S-36MK1E5.   

To guarantee steady zonal heating/air conditioning, we installed a Panasonic CZ-256ESMC2, which includes a web-enhanced touchscreen controller that’s incredibly simple to use. This function also stops unauthorised individuals to change its temperature settings.

And finally, we installed a range of energy recovery ventilation units to cut costs by reducing the load on the air conditioning units by around 20%. This also helped to produce clean air flowing into the building.   

The Outcome

Using the most cutting-edge products obtained the best possible results: the newly-fitted units recover up to 77% of the heat in the outgoing air. The sound level was kept low for the busy office environment and the controller allows those with access to send the heat to the desired locations. With a clean look, more control and a reduced heating/cooling bill – all parties were delighted with the end result.

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