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At Woodhouse Environmental Services we are experts in the installation and maintenance of ventilation and filtration solutions for medical specialist rooms, offices, clean rooms, warehouses, workshops and other areas that manufacture harmful products. We can help you find solutions to match your business-critical standards.

Our systems eliminate airborne contamination generated by people, process facilities and equipment providing you with the highest air quality. We respect and understand the importance of ensuring strict rules are put in place to prevent contamination. Ensuring all our systems meet Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) regulations and all equipment installed is tested to the highest standards by fully qualified engineers.

Poor air quality is a global issue, with both long and short term exposure to indoor air pollutions causing serious health risks. Poor indoor air quality can relate to many problems inside a building. With excess humidity causes dampness and mould, whilst indoor pollutants such as asbestos, biological pollutants, carbon monoxide, and emissions from stoves and heaters can cause severe health issues such as asthma and eczema. Stale air is also believed to lead to a loss in productivity and low morale.

Installing a quality ventilation system provides clean fresh air, increasing comfort and alertness, critical thinking, and efficiency. It can also reduce bills by utilising energy-efficient heat recovery technology. A quality extraction system will help you provide a healthy environment for your employees as well as helping you to comply with Health and Safety and COSH regulations relating to air quality.

Our Ventilation and Filtration Services:


Heat recovery ventilation


Toilet extraction


Workshop/Fume extraction


Kitchen extraction


LEV testing

Our skilled engineers specialise in the installation of extraction solutions for any environment.