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With winter fast approaching, now is a good time to start thinking of ways you can prepare your home for the colder months. It’s only natural that our energy bills will rise during the winter seasons as we rely more on our homes’ heating to keep us warm and toasty.


Check out our latest article on how to prepare your home with these energy-saving tips to help save money on your energy bills.


1. Eliminate Draughts: How to tackle draughty spots

Draught proofing your doors and windows is a cheap and quick way to cutting your heating bills. Controlling the ventilation will help reduce condensation and dampness by allowing fresh air in when needed.


2. Adjusting your thermostat: Don’t touch the dial

Lowering the temperature in your home by just a couple of degrees can result in significant long-term savings. Turning down your thermostat when no one is home or when you are asleep will considerably impact your heating bills. Another useful tip to follow is if you have rooms in your house that aren’t often used, then make sure you keep the heating lower there. You should keep radiators on at least the minimum low setting to ensure your system runs properly and rooms don’t get damp.


3. Stay Warm: Add extra clothing layers & blankets

This is a much more cost-effective way to warm your body without heating your whole house. Stay toasty under duvets and thick blankets at night and compensate by wearing warm jumpers and thick socks around the house.


4. Boiler services

Your boiler is an integral part of your building as it gives you comfort in the colder months; it’s crucial to ensure your boiler is always in top working condition as a dirty boiler is an inefficient boiler. A power flush is the essential deep, intense clean your heating system needs to eliminate any build-up of sludge, rust and other bits of debris. If your boiler is more than 10 years old, you may want to consider getting a boiler replacement as a newer, more energy-efficient model will result in less energy wastage and more savings on your energy bills


5. Replace your inefficient boiler

All modern, well-maintained boilers burn their fuel efficiently and with heating and hot water making up a huge percentage of our yearly residential bills, having your boiler working correctly makes a big difference. Air Source Heat Pumps are a great alternative when considering replacing your old gas boilers with an upgraded renewable energy source. With the government providing grants in England and Wales to encourage property owners to install low-carbon heating systems, owners can overcome the upfront cost of low-carbon heating technologies. Call our expert renewable energy advisors on 01489 797800 for more information.

Energy savings isn’t just a wintertime activity. Many of these tips will save you money all year long. These techniques are just as capable of keeping your home cool in the summer as they are of keeping you warm in winter.


Saving energy in wintertime really is a smart idea for year-round savings.